Our Mission

A Small Park Delivering a Big Message

At the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park we help to preserve and conserve nature, wildlife and biodiversity, by:

  • Raising public awareness of conservation issues, through promotion of local and international conservation relative to nature.
  • Providing the best possible care for all animals at the AWCP. Each exhibit takes into account the natural habitat of its resident species, enhancing the lives of the animals and immersing the visitor into the natural worlds of the animals.
  • Teach and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in conservation of wildlife and habitats.
  • Caring for and when necessary, re-homing confiscated animals into appropriate facilities.
  • Providing education on the legal and illegal pet trade.
  • Raising awareness of and showcasing important conservation projects.

Through education we seek to inspire people, young and old, to care about the natural world and instil a life long passion for conservation.